Flawless - The story of origin - How Flawless Fotoss came into being!

'Photographs play an important role in everyone's life. It is passage to visit the past without paying any fee'. Photography is an art to establish a memory that would last forever.

Hailing from computer science engineer background and grabbing a full-fledged job in Arizona, here's how I took the life changing decision from quitting my job and entering a whole new profession.

I moved to USA in the year 2015, to join a leading software engineering company as a Business Development Manager. Even then capturing moments through my lenses was my passion and favorite hobby to indulge in free time.

Even though I had a busy corporate life, I decided to enroll in a photography course at Phoenix College to learn all the minute details of photography as an art. Graduated in 2017, I bagged my first freelancing assignment to shoot the wedding ceremony of a friend. Little did I know, but my first assignment spoke volumes for my work and there was no looking back since then.

Appreciation started pouring in as soon as my friend uploaded the wedding pictures on social media. Overwhelmed, with the response I decided to convert my passion into full-time profession. Needless to say, I took the risk to leave my corporate job and start my own venture. Some risks in life are worth taking.

That's when 'Flawless Fotoss', was born.

2017-2020, was the time when multiple assignments such as weddings, private events like Children's birthday parties, baby showers, special occasions, product photography for consumer companies, professional modeling photo shoots, poured in to add diamonds to the success story of Flawless Fotoss.

Holding strong command in technical know-how, with 4 years of international work expertise, I decided to return back to my land India and contribute in the field of photography in 2020. I provide services in professional photography for large weddings, celebrity photo-shoots, product photography, modeling photo shoots, and cover private and public events.

My motto is "Capture the right moments at the right time in its natural frame".

As we are stuck with the pandemic I ensure all safety norms for all my shoots. Flawless Fotoss is the best photography in Delhi. Best professional wedding photographer. Book the best maternity photographer. Have an event to cover? Flawless is the best Event photographer in Delhi.

To book or for package enquiry visit www.flawlessfotoss.com

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